About Us

Hello, we are GameStake. We’re the UK’s first gaming company that provides a platform for people to play games for fun and competitively for real prizes, all in one place (and isn’t gambling). No downloads, no constant updates, no storage issues. It couldn’t be easier.

We provide an array of high quality, fun and easy to play casual and hyper-casual skill-based games. The platform provides unlimited free to play gaming, as well as tournament gaming for competitive real-money players. The best thing is that the platform can be accessed seamlessly via mobile, tablet and desktop; and you can even save it to your device (any device).

GameStake is available worldwide, but only people from the U.K. and India (except Assam, Odisha, Telangana and Nagaland) can enter tournaments currently. We are looking to expand into other territories soon. If you want GameStake tournaments brought to your territory, let us know.

Due to the fact that all of our games are skill-based, and all tournaments are human to human (we don’t participate), the GameStake platform is 100% legal and also 100% not considered gambling in the territories we operate tournaments in. We are totally committed to not being a gambling company.

We are new, we are young, we are currently in open beta. We have lots of new features constantly being released, as well as new games on the way. Please do drop us your suggestions and feedback, we promise to take everything onboard to give you the optimum experience. Please contact us here


If you enjoy the thrill of competing, or simply enjoy playing games just for fun, GameStake is the place for you.

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